Lead Generation Evolved: Introducing LeadPal 2.0

Promote the #1 Smart Social Lead Generation Software: Capture Verified Email Addresses with 1-Click Opt-ins in Just 60 Seconds!

Say goodbye to lost leads! Your traditional optin forms can drive away up to 72% of potential subscribers. LeadPal transforms your approach, offering a seamless one-click opt-in that dramatically boosts your opt-in rates. Experience the difference and watch your email list flourish 😎💪💰

Trusted by 10,000+ Businesses & marketers

Goes Live On Aug., 29th, 2024 At 11 AM EST

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Why LeadPal is Better Than
Traditional Lead Gen Forms?

Traditional Lead Gen Forms Are Good, But…

Users have to type in their names and email addresses, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Users often enter fake or incorrect information just to access gated content, leading to poor-quality leads.

Even simple forms suffer from lower conversion rates because users might be reluctant to fill them out.

LeadPal Takes Lead Generation to the Next Level:


Quick and Easy Optins:

With LeadPal, users can optin instantly using their social media accounts. No typing required, just a single click.


Reliable Data Collection:

The information gathered is verified and accurate, reducing the chances of fake or incorrect data entries.


Automated Follow-Ups:

You can automate follow-up emails and messages, increasing the chances of conversion and retention.


Multi-Platform Compatibility:

Use LeadPal to capture leads across various platforms, including websites, blogs, and social media, ensuring you never miss a potential lead.


Seamless Integration:

LeadPal integrates easily with your existing marketing tools and CRM systems, making lead syncing smooth and efficient.


Improved Marketing Insights:

Gain deeper insights into your audience with data directly from social media profiles, allowing for more targeted marketing strategies.

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50% Commissions On The Entire Funnel

Over $5000

Up for grabs in launch and pre-launch prizes, plus various surprise contests!

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What is LeadPal?

LeadPal is your ultimate solution for lead generation, trusted by over 10,000 marketers, bloggers, and small businesses since 2020.

It’s not just a tool; it’s a powerhouse for capturing verified leads, creating viral campaigns, and driving sales. Thousands of marketers have leveraged LeadPal to skyrocket their lead generation efforts and automate follow-ups, turning potential leads into loyal customers.

With hundreds of glowing endorsements and testimonials, LeadPal stands as a testament to its effectiveness and reliability.

The latest version of LeadPal is our best yet, packed with new features and enhanced use cases.

LeadPal seamlessly integrates with social media platforms, allowing users to optin with just one click, ensuring accurate and verified data collection.

Its viral leads participation feature encourages users to share and engage with your content, exponentially increasing your reach and lead generation potential.

LeadPal’s built-in reminder scheduler automates follow-up communications, keeping your leads engaged and driving higher conversion rates.

Collect verified social leads…

Grow your email lists by collecting verified emails with social opt-in links from platforms like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter (X), Amazon, Google, Yahoo, and Linkedin. This eliminates the collection of fake and unverified emails.


Why stick to the old when you can lead with LeadPal's one-click wonder? Popular sites are doing it; it's time your lead collection did too.

Discover the Truth Behind Your Leads

It’s a Fact!

88% of customers fib on “opt-in” forms

But with LeadPal, honesty is just a click away

“Ever faced the frustration of fake sign-ups?”

With users opting in through their existing social profiles via LeadPal, welcome to a world of genuine data. No typing, no fakes—just pure, verified leads. Social networks do the vetting, we do the connecting.

Boost the quality of the leads you collect with


Intuitive software that uses advanced modern technology to detect where someone is currently signed in so it displays that social icon first


Create leadpages with 1-click opt-in for more verified leads


Most users are constantly logged in on Facebook or Google, etc.. So they will need just one click to sign up to your list.


Eliminates false identities: Because social networks authenticate individuals and generally don’t allow multiple accounts, the likelihood of false identities goes down.


You can run ads or promotions to your LeadPal opt-in link directly


A large percentage of visitors turn away when they have to fill a form to optin to your offer... With LeadPal you get 72% more optin rate.


Integrates and Syncs with all major email marketing software tools


Rapid signup/user adoption: People won’t need to type a thing, they’ll simply grant you access to their existing credentials.


LeadPal shows social opt-in buttons that the user is currently logged into so you always get the BEST, verified email address added to your list


You can even add LeadPal to any website or blog and LeadPal will send out automatic reminders boosting your opt-ins on autopilot

What real & verifiable LeadPal users are saying about the product

Rouville Fisher – Digital Marketer

Prasanna Shetty – Shopping Kattaa

Home School & Humor


For the price and the ease of capturing validated primary email addresses, LeadPal is incredibly valuable to anyone building an online business as your email audience is your customer base.

With the features, the likelyhood of someone opting in to your list is waaay higher, and can be used to target any offer in amazing ways not mentioned above. Using an omnichannel marketing strategy including solos and cross promos, the ROI of the first campaign I ran was 40% higher due to the quality of the leads and traffic retrageting.

Whatever email they optin with is where they are conducting business, and retrageting those channels while doing your main promotions helps w/ any retargeting marketing strategy, and even improves cold outreach by alot. And for people doing solos or affiliates, this is revolutionary software that would normally take being a developer to setup anything even close to the simplicity yet effectiveness of LeadPal. The ROI of your campaigns is sure to skyrocket.

I’m a fan for sure.


Freaking Awesome!

5k tacos!

This is exactly what I was looking for a long time!

Thanks a lot for this amazing deal 😊


Lead Gen w/ Email Verification

I have been looking for a lead generation tool that can capture leads with built-in email verification.

Skeptical and unimpressed at the first sight, and testing Leadpal and grew to like it. plus I can integrate with Sendinblue directly,…

Functionality and Value supersede its price. It’s a gem.


Indispensable in my Business!!!

Wow !!! A complete no-brainer.

I’ve tried so many other similar Apps and Services. But LeadPal actually delivers!

So easy to set up and step-by-step instructions all the way.

Hurry – don’t miss this one!


Point-and-Click Subscription

I really love LeadPal.

It’s the easiest way to start collecting your email subscribers without them having to give you their contact information.

You just embed a form on your website and people can subscribe, no sweat!

I have seen a significant increase in my email list since I started using it and it’s worth every penny.


A lead-gen game changer

we have been using LeadPal for just over 1 year now and it has, without question, increased our opt-ins by a minimum 20 to 25%, and for a few reasons, I believe. One is convenience, people would rather “click” than “type”.

Secondly, I believe people do not feel they are relinquishing any personal information when they click onto a social icon, yet feel they’re divulging personal information when they type their name and email address.

And third, just the ability of enabling engagement via social logins over traditional form-filling seems to convey credibility in the minds of some “opt-ins”! (they think we are in cahoots with Facebook, Google, etc.)

Overall, NO regrets signing on with LeadPal.


Quality, Verified Lead Gen

This is a super effective, well thought out tool for generating verified and quality leads through social logins.

The resources and documentation to get the most out of leadpal is well executed and very details.

You get analytics and lots of features like custom lead pages, analytics, QR code, run ads to campaigns, all with a 1-click login.

There is so much potential here and very valuable tool for any marketer or business.

Glad I jumped on board!


Exactly what I was looking for..

This is a slick multi function tool. I like the clean interface and ease of use.

My list building powers have just been amplified.

Grab this while you can.


A cool tool to have

The fact is: nobody leaves email anymore to sign-up for “newsletters” and I was hoping to get a tool like that for my projects and for my clients.

Pretty cool and easy solution to grow our lists and and nurture them using the (good) integrations options. From lead magnet’s to reminders and refer a friend… and good limit’s.

A keeper 😉


The Easier the Better

I knew I needed this tool but hadn’t the slightest idea how to get it implemented. I found this and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

I’m so used to clicking on the ‘sign up with xxxxx’ button and I’m sure everyone else is too. This makes it just easy enough to sign up, which means it’s a conversion that might not otherwise have happened.

Pick this up if you use landing pages.


Create a smart lead generation campaign in minutes and embed it on your website

It Only Took 60 Seconds, And No Design Or Coding Skills Required

CASE STUDY: Optin Forms vs LeadPal Links

Embed LeadPal Anywhere On Your Website

Customize LeadPal

Your Chioce Color & Background Format

Edit & Format Your Campaigns

Use The Refer A Friend Feature To Increase Conversion By Over 1200%

LeadPal Supports Multiple Languages

Connect & Sync With Your Autoresponder

Create Reminders & Embed On Any Website

Let Users Schedule For Your Events

LeadPal Integrations


Automatically sync your social leads to your choice autoresponder or download off LeadPal

Main Image
Floating Item
Floating Item

LeadPal Has Successfully Integrated With These Autoresponders

Watch The Demo Video Below To See LeadPal In Action…

Hot & Battle Tested Sales Funnel Guaranteed To Convert


LeadPal PRO – $67

The PRO upgrade unlocks professional and advance features giving your subscribers the ability to do more with their LeadPal software;

PRO upgrade users get the ability to unlock 3 great features;

Remove powered by LeadPal branding

Custom domain integration (10 domains)

Connect up to 50 social apps

Own branded social apps

LeadPal viral engagement booster

Landing page customization

Embeddable sidebar social widgets


Platinum Edition – $97/Yr or $27/mth

Unlimited LeadPal leads collections

Unlimited viral participation

Unlimited custom domains

Unlimited reminder domain

Unlimited reminders pop up set up

Unlimited reminder leads

Unlimited social accounts

Unlimited team members


LUXURY Edition – $47

Just like the name “Luxury” users get the Luxury to unlock some cool features that cannot be found anywhere;

Resend to unopened

Lead magnet delivery

Lead magnet library

Advanced analytics

Include a special offer

Retargeting integration

Weekly stats by email

QR Code for leads

Sync leads to more than 1 autoresponder at once


Whitelabel Rights – $297

Brand LeadPal with your own custom branding (Domain) and sell lead gen access to businesses or marketers.

Get a unique dashboard with your brand, logo, URL, favicon, emails, and brand kits.

Rebrandable dashboard

Create LeadPal pages and reminders for clients

Create clients & sell clients account (100)

Whitelabel domain (Whitelabel users can use their custom domain)

Custom email address and logo

Totally rebrandable with your own company details and colors

Clients can have team members

LeadPal  Launch  Contests

Over $5,000 In JV Contests

Opening Contest (Days 1,2,3)

Closing Contest (Days 5,6,7)

Fastest to 5 FE Sales

To WIN $100

Individual Contest

Fastest to 5 BUNDLE Sales

To WIN $100

Individual Contest

Important: You must make an amount in commissions equal to or more than the prize money to win the prize. Where this is not met, then your prize money will equal your commissions.

Maximum of 2 team members.


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Chika (Able) Emmanuel


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